Ipinaskil ni: Raul Funilas | Oktubre 23, 2008

Tulaan na naman tayo sa Magnet Cafe Katipunan


Exactly a month ago, we got invited to the Camp Rock Drilon – better known as Mag:Net Gallery.
We were in his most beloved branch, along Katipunan, and all the boyz in the hood seemed to be in a brotherhood mood, like more the Bonifacios than the Jonases, so we got into the next best thing to a blood compact, after the proposed toast by the Rock, we agreed to host –Every Last Monday Of The Month!
E.L.M.O.T.M. is too forgettable as the name “Duane Johnson,” as against “The Rock,” so we settled, in less than an hour of red wine and bamboo shoot in coconut milk, for O.M.G.
Or Open Mic Gig!
Yes, everyone can jam but for its opening which today, October 27, from 7p.m. to 9 p.m., so we invited special guests, headed by our National Artist Virgilio and University Professor Emeritus Gemino Abad.
They will be joined in by Joes, Nicks and Kevins of Philippine Literature —
Jose Marte Abueg, Yanna Acosta and her band, Tata Raul Funilas, Marne Kilates, Ed Maranan, Nick Pichay, Danton Remoto, Joseph Saguid, Angelo Suarez, Joel Toledo, Lourd de Veyra, Krip Yuson, and the Neo Angono Artists Collective that will hold again its 5th Public Art Festival on 20-22 November!
Next month, too, in celebration of Jose Corazon de Jesus’ birthday, Teo Antonio and Mike Coroza will relive the Huseng Batute heyday with Ony Carcamo, Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines, U.P. Speca, and the Tribu Rappers on November 24.

For details, please email us at mb.malay@gmail.com.


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