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Entry for May 27, 2008

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Submitted by Daemano on Mon, 2007-07-02 23:16. Feature Film | 2007 |

Filipino Film | Historical | Social Comment | War | Tagalog
Alternative Title(s): Brave
Director: Manolito C. Sulit & Emman Pascual
Screenwriter: Manolito C. Sulit

Plot Outline:
The story unfolds on the eve of the American occupation of Batangas in January 1900. It then moves on to recall the childhood of the Publisista (publicist) in the 80s, who two decades later, will form a kapihan oddly referred to as the “barakuhan” to play a pivotal role in the resolution of the town’s six-week electric crisis and in the events leading to the 2004 elections.
Joining the publicist in a bid to empower the timid townsfolk by getting them into the “barakuhan” are Arman, Junior and Engineer among the town’s oppositionists; Golot who sympathizes with the left being Ka Roger’s friend; Maestro and Berto who work for the government as teachers; Igme the musician, Cris, a church help, and finally, Mando—who will prove to be more than a simple farming folk. Over barako coffee, they meet every Friday night to discuss the town’s many woes, and publish a free circular that people can conveniently pass around.
But what’s even more important than the “barakuhan” are the lives of ordinary people whose concerns it tries to address, like Ka Idro who claims to be a hundred year old and yet has to work for his meals; Dolores who has been raped and abandoned by her family; Angie who at a tender age will learn to trade sex for food; and the marginalized Bikolanos who are either hired as farm workers or flying voters.
Here at long last, is the story of our democracy one hundred years since we lost the war which America considered a mere footnote in its history, but nonetheless, had so clearly marked to this day and age the political landscape of our country.
Arnold Reyes as Publisista
Carlon Matobato as Mando
Nanding Josef as Golot
Paolo OHara as Junior
Bong Cabrera as Engineer
Mike Coroza as Igme
Vim Nadera as Arman
Leo Fernando as Berto
Ramil Correa as Maestro
Rodelio Roallos as Cris
Simplicio Bisa as Ka Idro
Nestor Lucena as Bikol
Cecille San Gabriel as Dolores
Angeli Bayani as Angie
Franz Marasigan as Itoy
Ryden Callueng as Timo
Leo Martinez as Pulitiko
Dennis Marasigan as Pangulong Tinong
Tots Aguila as Chito
Tata Raul Funilas as Konsehal
Vic Tiro as Kontra
Rey Comia as Miron
Boy Quinto as Koronel

Special Participation:

National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera as the old Publicist
Behn Cervantes as Timoteo
Archie Adamos as Hen. Malvar
Also starring:
Makota Aguilar as Estudyante
Louise Amante as Kawal
Jessa Asuncion as Kasintahan
Khyle Banda as Bugaw
Nonon Carandang as Alejandro aka Sandara
Lark Catanghal as Estudyante
Dianne Compra as Jenny
Soledad Corong as Kabiyak
Jeanette Coroza as Kostumer
Marj De Castro as Mutya
Krinel Escalona as Choleng
Wena Festin as Guro
Rham Ismadi as James
Joel Malabanan as Hepe
Cherry Malvar as Inay
Kristine Marasigan as Ate
Ron Papag as Kuya
Aya Santos as Mutya
Ces Sevilla as Katipan
Manolito Sulit as Mateo Ilustre
John Torralba as Kawal
Paul Zapata in various roles

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